1988 – The interest group and its work

1988 an interest group was founded that aimed to collect and conserve relicts from the air battle of 16/2/1945.
Because contemporary history is not really estimated, relicts and sources have not been collected for a too long time. Aircraft parts stardet to oxidise in the mountains and more and more pieces were thrown out from private property. Otherwise there were donations from souvenir hunters.
In the book „Fra Hjørundfjord“ Vol. 7, the annual magazine of Hjoerundfjord history association, an article of 17 pages about the air battle was printed. It contains parts of written an oral sources about the battle.
The aircraftwreck was recovered by helicopter and stored safely. The interest group did many tours to the wreck to collect a lot of pieces.
They also got many exemplars that had been in private property. Furthermore aircraftparts which had been articles of daily use were collected.

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