Brixi Schultze

Brigitte Schultze, born Kindt, also called Brixi, is Wolfgang Kindt’s elder daughter and lives with her Family in Vienna. She was flabbergasted when her great-granduncle Edgar Kindt gave her the letter from Norway in 1993. It had taken 48 years till she had finally found out about her father’s fate. She and her husband accepted a kind invitation to Norway, where they visited her father’s grave and experienced a heartly welcome and touching moments. She met persons who had cared about their enemy and who wouldn’t want to miss him, when the administration wanted to move the soldier’s grave. Today – 20 years later – close friendships have grown between Norwegian and Austrian families.

For the admirable inhabitants of Sæbø, the aviator, who had come as part of a hostile force, has become a symbol for the wish to have peace.

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