1993 – Establishing contacts: 1st letter to Vienna

In 1993 Arnold Hustad wrote a letter to all persons named „Kindt“, he had found in the Viennese telephone book. In this letter – written in German – he expressed his wish to find the relatives of Wolfgang Kindt. Hustad also included all the information he knew about the aviator and about the battle which should be Kindt’s last one.
The original letter is following below.

Arnold Hustad


Mrs. or Mr.
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Mariahüfer Str. 101
1060 VIENA 6

Dear Kindt family!

The occasion for this letter is, that I occupy myself as a hobby-historian with the war history in Norway between 1940-1945. Firstly I want to appology myself, taking the liberty of searching after your adress in the Viennese telephone book.

The reason because I’m writing to you is the following:
On February 16th 1945 took an air battle between the German and Britain fight planes near the village Saebö, that’s about 40 km from the city Alesund away, place.
A result of this air battle was, that among other things a German fight plane catched fire and crashed in the mountains. The aviator died. The German aircrafts were out of the JAGDGESCHWADER 5, III. Group, 10 squadron, and operated from the airfield Gossen, near the city Molde. I have the following information about the aviator:

Name: Wolfgang Kindt
Date of birth: 6. 1. 16
Rank: Fj.Fw./aviator
Last place of residence: Reichenau ND
Adress: Schneebergweg 1
Relatives: wife, Erna Kindt

Wolfgang Kindt is burried in the cemetery in the local district.
Now I take the liberty of asking, if you know anything about Wolfgang Kindt or if you are related to him. If you have nothing to do with this case but know a concerned person, I would be immensely grateful, if you pass on the question.
It would be a pleasure, if I can send you further information, e. g. fotos. I could also give you more details abou the history of 1945.

Many thanks in advance.

Arnold Hustad