Wolfgang Kindt

Wolfgang Kindt was born in Vienna in 1916. He studied at the Technical University Vienna and Munic and joined the German Air Force in 1939. After he had passed his exam for aeromechanics, he met his future wife Erna. They got married in 1941, their daughters Brigitte and Marianne were born in 1943 and 1944 . During his home leave he started building a house in Schneedörfl near Reichenau. After he had finished his training as aviator, he was transfered to Trondheim in Norway and, later on, to Cazaux in France, where he fought his first battle. Stavanger in Norway was his last base. In February 1945 he did not come back after a dogfight with English planes. His family thought, he had gone missing, but it took many years till, because of his widow’s second marriage, Wolfgang Kindt was declared dead.

Finally, in 1993, his daughter and his widow learned of his grave in Sæbø in Norway and of the care and respect that was given to it.