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Mein Vater, der Fremde
48 Jahre später – vom fremden Feind zum betrauerten Menschen
218 Seiten, 14 x 20,3 cm
Mit zahlreichen Farbbildern und Dokumenten
Euro 22,80/sfr 37,20
ISBN 978-3-85481-080-3
Verlag Liber Libri Wien

In her book about her father’s life and death and the memorable incidents in Norway, Brixi Schultze portrays her family, starting with the grand-parents and great grand-parents and other important persons in her father’s life. That’s the way, she trys to find an explanation for the development of his personality. Thereby the acts of war play a vital role.

The efforts of the Norwegian chronicler, to find the daughter of the downed pilot, who’s memory was cherished of Sæbø’s inhabitants, are described in a very moving way – likewise the encounters of the people from Viena and Sæbø.

The narration of a personal discussion of a daughter about her father’s life, who is at German Air Force with total conviction, is very strong. As well the careful handling of the inhabitants of the village Sæbø with „their“ enemy is remarkable: They didn’t only manage a reconciliation with the past above the frontiers, they also try a debate above the aviator and the National Socialsim. Every year travels one class of the town school to Ausschwitz. They are aware of it, that the enemy was a human being too.

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