Berta Stokke

She was born in 1924 as Berta Myrhol and is married to Sigurd Stokke. Berta and Sigurd have six children, eleven grandchildren and three grand-grandchildren.
On February 13th, 1944, her father was a passenger on board the Coastal Steamer D/S Irma (Hurtigruta) from Ålesund to Kristiansund. During the voyage the ship was hit by torpedoes from MTBs and sunk. The MTBs were Norwegian vessels stationed on the British Islands.
Berta Stokke had a very strong connection to her father. In these difficult times, it helped her, constructing fantasys about how her father could have escaped and survived. For example he had swum away from the wreck, saved and escaped to England and live there even after the Second World War. 
As not having a grave of her father, it gave her consolation in her grief, to care about the grave of the pilot Kindt, who had a fatal plain crash.
Generally the history of Bertha Stokkes‘s family is very similar to Brixi Schultze‘s.

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  1. Brixi Schultze says:

    Berta Stokke wurde 1924 als Berta Myrhol geboren und ist verheiratet mit Sigurd Stokke. Berta und Sigurd haben sechs Kinder, elf Enkelkinder und drei Grand-Enkel.
    Am 13. Februar 1944 war ihr Vater ein Passagier an Bord der Küste Steamer D/S Irma (Linienschiffs) aus Ålesund zu Kristiansund. Während der Fahrt wurde das Schiff von Torpedos von MTBs getroffen und versenkt. Die MTBs waren norwegische Schiffe auf den britischen Inseln stationiert.

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