1993 – Establishing contacts: 1st answer to Saeboe

TVia the company Kindt & Hässler, Edgar Kindt, the granduncle of Brixi Schultze, got Arnold Hustad‘s Letter and answered as follows:

Edgar Kindt
Josefstätterstraße 21
A 1080 Wien
Dear Mr. Hustad!
I really thank you for your letter in which you reported the fate of my cousin Wolfgang Kindt.
This letter was forwarded to me by my former company in which I stopped working a long time ago for age reasons. Please find my address on the top of this writing.
You might imagine how touched we were by your message. In my previous knowledge my cousin was held for lost above the sea.
He left a wife and a daughter who both are still living an will be interested in every detail for sure. I will get in touch with them as fast as possible and you will surely get a message from them too.
I myself have a number of Norwegian business partners I am still connected with and have visited your beautiful country several times.
During a little tour on the Galdhøpiggen I was quite close to you. I consider it is quite possible that I will go to Norway next summer an would be very glad, if I may frequent you then.
In the meanwhile I ask you to tell me, whether I can still help you in any other way.
With further thanks and warm regards,
Edgar Kindt